Information about Alexander Guelfenburg

Alexander Guelfenburg is an internationally treasured electronic engineer, synthesizer expert and music producer. With more than 30 years of professional experience, he can rely on a wide range of experience.

Alexander Guelfenburg He founded and now manages the successful "Virtual Music's Synthesizer Service", a company which is specializes in the repair and support of exclusive vintage synthesizer systems like the Fairlight CMI IIX, the PPG Wave series, Rhodes Chroma, Elka Synthex and OSC OSCar.

Guelfenburg´s customers include studios, producers, musicians, bands and collectors from all over the world.

He has been involved in numerous music productions such as "Hybrid Machine", "Danger in Dream", "Homme Beige", Wolfgang Flür, Robert Wittek, and many more.

Guelfenburg lives and works in Vienna, Austria (Europe).

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