Information, sound samples and international reviews of the album "Entrance" by "Danger in Dream"

"Danger in Dream" is the joint project of Robert Wittek (www.synthesizer.at) and Alexander Guelfenburg (www.virtual-music.at). As a homage to the Grand Master of the Berlin School and their fantastic works (Exit, Logos Live, Hyperborea, etc.), "Danger in Dream" is conceptually linked to the zenith of electronic music. With the help of synthesizers from the last 35 years in combination with the latest studio technologies, "Danger in Dream" offers a great listening experience.

In order to preserve spontaneity the producers played the basic framework (rhythm and sequencer tracks) into an Atari ST with C-Lab software and then improvised with all sorts of electronic instruments. A few hours of interesting sessions have emerged, which were then trimmed in ear-like pieces at the Digital Audio Workstation - the digital essence. In spite of meticulous composition and perfect production, “Danger in Dream” always sounds alive and organic.

For the pleasure of many soundfetishists and synthesizer lovers, "Danger in Dream" uses a comprehensive mix of old and new instruments; like PPG Wave 2.2, Prophet VS, Fairlight CMI IIX, Minimoog, Synthex, Matrix 12, Kawai K5000, JX8P, JP8000, JD990, TX81Z, VL1M, Access Virus, and more.

  • Album: Entrance

    Information, sound samples and international reviews of the album "Entrance" by "Danger in Dream"

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