Information, sound samples and international reviews of the album "Eloquence" by "Hybrid Machine"

Terrific synthesizer music, cool electric beats in the style of 80s and singing computer voices! Sindy Synthetico and Arthur Artificial are the personified cybernetics of this CD. This musical and technical innovation makes "Eloquence" to our absolute best selling CD.

The CDs contains also superb versions of two electronic evergreens: Kraftwerk´s "Model" and Human Leage´s "Being Boiled".

An enthusiastic fan wrote: Eloquence starts where Kraftwerk has stopped years ago.

Titel:        Hybrid Machine ‎– Eloquence
Label:      Virtual Music ‎– VM-HM002
Format:   CD, Album
Release: 1998
Genre:    Electronic

    1. Cerbo Elektronika
    2. Kronado De Maschino
    3. The Model (Coverversion)
    4. Golem  
    5. Being Boiled (Coverversion)
    6. Arthur And Sindy  
    7. Data Dreamings '98   
    8. Dynamo   
    9. Desease Reality?    
    10. Virtual Reality    
    11. A Tribute To Mr. Booles
  • Sound Samples

    Here are some sound samples. Please note that the quality is reduced - the CD sounds as superb as it should.

  • International Reviews

    Neu Harmony 11/98; David Law

    Kraftwerks influenced bands are nothing new however Hybrid Machine do make a better job of it than many. Vocals feature on many of the tracks, though they are computer generated in classic Kraftwerk tradition. Hybrid Machine are obviously very fond on their digital crooners because they have top billing - Arthur Artificial is the "virtual male singer", Sindy Synthetico the female equivalent. Alexander Guelfenburg is the "human male artist". You may get the idea by now!

    Musically Hybrid Machine have it all down to a fine art. The sound quality is open and dynamic, the beat is precission engineering and the synth stabs happen in all the right places. "Kronado de Maschino" sets off at a blistering pace sounding like an out-take from "The Mix". If you are a fan of Synthetik«s heady electronic brew then this album is for you! Just in case anyone is in any doubt the third track (or binary 0011 as listed on the sleeve) is "The Model" and it really is a corking cover version. They«ve wisely kept by and large to the original formula, let Arthur A. loose on the vocals, and crafted their sounds together to form one of the best Kraftwerk adaptions I«ve heard for some time. Human League«s "Being Boiled" also gets the cover treatment and the result is just as effective. Hover, Hybrid Machine«s talents aren«t limited to the compositions of others and tracks such as "Data Dreaming 98" and "Dynamo" prove that they are a force to be reckoned with their own right. Huge fun. Give it a go - Arthur and Sindy may have some chips off the old processor to feed.

    Rob Hartemink, Groove NL, 1999.

    If you are a fan of Kraftwerk and Kraftwerk-like music you won't be dissapointed by this CD.

    "Eloquence" means "fluent speaking". That's probably the reason why you hear lots of voices on most of the tracks. Only, no human voices or vocoders have been used. All vocal parts are sung by two virtual creations called Arthur Artificial and Sindy Synthetico.
    Real digitally generated voices. The third track on the cd is an up-tempo version of Kraftwerk's "The Model". Also on most of the other tracks you unmistakebly hear Kraftwerk influences.

    Recommended to Kraftwerk fans and people who like vocoder-singing.

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