Information, sound samples and international reviews of the album "Entrance" by "Danger in Dream"

The introduced album "Entrance" spoils the sophisticated listener with its five merged pieces. Astonishing are the beautiful melodies, the incredible electronic sounds and the innumerable exciting sequences. The positive impression is intensified by the superbly arranged drums and the subtle moving sounds. "Entrance" is a perfectly produced album, which is still very lively and moving. The emotional coolness, which electronic music often radiates, isn´t to be found here.

"Entrance" by "Danger in Dream" is a worth to listen to album, which can be recommended unrestricted, not just, to the fans of the "Berlin School". The many wonderful melodies, morphing sequences and unequaled emotional depth will simply take your breath away.

Titel:        Danger In Dream ‎– Entrance
Label:      Virtual Music ‎– VM-DD001
Format:   CD, Album
Release:  2001
Genre:     Electronic; Berlin High School

  1. Stratus 4
  2. Underwater Connections
  3. Conversation
  4. Tyrell's Vision
  5. Free Tibet!
  • Sound Samples

    Here are some sound samples. Please note that the quality is reduced - the CD sounds as superb as it should.

  • International Reviews

    David Law / Synth Music Direct

    The promotional blurb describes this as 'New Berlin School'. By this they mean taking inspiration from the original pioneers of sequencer based music and expanding on it. The music runs as one continuous piece though there are actually five tracks. There are sequences by the fist full and each significant change is even given its own index point so you can easily search out the bits you like the most and play them again and again! The sound is much cleaner and digital sounding that on most out and out retro albums and reminded me a lot of Minds in Motion or even the Schmoelling inspired tracks from Arcane. Make no mistake this is a superb album that does give its own slant on the Berlin School style and should be enjoyed by most people who go for that type of sequencer music. It's the melodies however which are just as good as the sequences careering from one irresistible hook to the next.

    It takes just a few seconds before the first rhythm / sequence combination surges forward. The sequences build beautifully but its really when the first melodic lead line hits home that 'Stratus 4' reveals its Tangerine Dream influences to the full. The lead lines get even better in the second section of this track as cosmic effects splash over a sequence which is in full flow. Just let yourself be carried along. The drums become more dominant in the third section mutating this way then that. It's incredibly infectious body moving stuff. 'Underwater Connections' has a suitably bubbly beginning then a quirky rhythmic loop starts up. The sequence that accompanies it is its perfect partner. I defy anyone not to have their feet, head and almost everything else moving to this. Then we get the lead line and - oh my goodness! What a track! This is one of those albums where there aren't enough superlatives in my limited vocabulary to describe it fully.

    The second section increases the intensity and pure listening pleasure even further. Things are stripped down for the third part then reconstructed- utter bliss. On 'Conversation' a slow sequence emerges out of atmospheric effects. High pitched melodic touches glide over the top then the sequence is really cranked up becoming more intense all the time. The initial melody that accompanies it is scorching, flying high in the mix. This is then replaced by a deeper echoing one in part two. It doesn't shout at you as much as the first one but if anything is even more effective. Part three utilizes even deeper effects and the sequence becomes still faster and more complex. Another high register melody cries over the top and is answered by deeper ones lower in the mix. I was expecting it to end in some sort of explosion but instead it just winds down to a finish, like the threat of a storm which never breaks.

    'Tyrell's Vision' begins with a very weird collage of sounds. In part two a hard hitting rhythm emerges- slow but full of attitude. Part three brings in the melodies. And what melodies! These are the strongest on the album so far. Its unbelievable how I just keep thinking things can't get better then they do! They have everything, excitement, poignancy, catchyness- everything. Part four follows a similar pattern with even more lead lines being added. Its a bit like 'Exit' period TD. Part five decreases the intensity a little giving us something of a breather but still carries us along with the rhythm. Part six gives us yet more superb lead lines, pitch bending all over the place and you get the feeling that it is winding itself up again for a triumphant finish and that is exactly what you get with the final part- very 'Logos'. The last track on the album 'Free Tibet!' is a very short (ninety seven seconds) atmospheric one finishing with a big gong crash. I can see this being many people's favourite album of the year so far - it's going to be huge! (DL)

    www.rateyourmusic.com: User "Tuemckey" Mar 28 2010 4.00 stars

    Apart from having a name that sounds very much like Tangerine Dream when pronounced without thinkin', these guys (that work or have worked as artists under the Hybrid Machine moniker) deserve the laber of TD rip-off's. Don't get this wrong though, cause in this case a rip-off means only being as good as the group or album you're emulating to be. And these guys are wicked good! Most EM fans out there claim Arcane to be *THE* TD impersonator (at least when it comes to 80's sounding Tangs), my opinion is this album is just as great as any the EF founded group has released in the same style.
    These are some highly-addictive tunes and one must first hear it to understand all the hype this has caused in the EM circle. You can deffinetely say this sounds truly like a lost TD album they might've recorded between Logos & Hyperborea.....

    Very reccomended!!!!

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