Products, documents and service tips for the Fairlight CMI I, II and IIX Sampler

Of course, we offer more than you can see here. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

  • Virtual Music´s Utility Disk for CMI IIX

    Virtual Music´s Utility Disk All useful utilities on one disk:

    We have prepared a utility disk for the CMI IIX which contains following applications:

    • Diagnostic tool for the sound section
    • Diagnostic tool for the CPU section
    • Formatting tool for generating empty audio disks
    • Copy & Format command for making system copies
    • Duplication tool for a 1:1 copy of the utility disk

    You can have this disk for free and share it with other users. If you want this utility disk, please write an e-mail to Open contact page (no Javascript) and prepare an empty disk which we can use as destination disk.

    Here you can find the Utiltiy-Disk as Download for the SD-Drive.

  • Quick reference manual for Fairlight CMI IIX

    This compact document shows all commands of the Fairlight CMI I, II and the CMI IIX. Besides the right notation of the commands you find also concrete examples and short explanations. This document is an alternative to the user´s manual and it accelerates the daily work with the fantastic Fairlight CMI.

    Here you can download the PDF-Document .

  • Broken Voice-Card in a CMI I, II or IIX

    If one voice fails then most commonly a channel card is defective

    There is no reason for worrying!

    CMI_IIX_front We have a lots of experience at Fairlight equipment. We can repair your defective sound card fast and efficiently, and there is no need for you to send your whole CMI mainframe. We only need your defective voice card, which will be tested and repaired in our internal testing system. And: We can repair Fairlight channel cards of CMI Series I and CMI Series II / II X.

    Finding the problem

    First of all you need to find out which of the eight cards are defective. Reboot your CMI and load a sound (polyphony: 8). Play eight keys at once, and check the individual outputs. The number of the outs are the same as the number of the cards. (e.g. output 3 is channel card 3).

    Removing the defective channel card

    CMI IIX Voice Card Open the front door of your CMI. There are many cards. They will countered from the left. The first two cards are system cards, then you can see the eight channel cards. The sequence order is: X-X-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8...; the "X" stands for the both slots (master card, midi card, if CMI IIX).

    Disconnect the little blug and remove the respective card and wrap it into antistatic foil first. If you need technical assistance or support, please contact us. The Fairlight CMI is a complex and sensitive device and should be treated with respect.

    Service order

    If you want us to repair your defective channel card, please get in contact with us before sending any equipment. Just send us an e-mail to Open contact page (no Javascript). After clarifying all details you will get an e-mail with all necessary information.

    Other problems with the C.M.I?

    Of course we are able to repair other defects, too (CPU section, floppy disk drives, cables, etc.) fast and effectively, too. If you have any problem with your sampler, please contact us. We are happy to help you!

  • The Fairlight Files

    Interesting PDFs - once upon a time....

    With one click you may download the complete series of "The Fairlight explained", published in the E&MM magazine in 1984 and 1985. The documents have been collected and provided by a former Fairlight employee. Thank´s to Simon Peters from Australia.

    Additionally with another click you may download the original Fairlight pricelist from those days..

    ...and here you can get the list of the factory sounds completed by our colleague Peter Wielk in Sydney.

  • The Disk-Formats of the Fairlight CMI I, II and IIX

    The Fairlight CMI and it´s floppy disk formats

    he CMI´s system architecture uses two different floppy disk formats:

    • System disks
    • Sound disks

    The system disk

    The system disk contains the operating software. This disk is for operation always in the left hand disk drive. For the serious work with the CMI the user needs following disks:

    • The Fairlight Boot Disk: Operating system for using the CMI as a musical instrument (latest version: System V5.20 MIDI)
    • QDOS-Boot Disk: For formatting and copying of system disks
    • Audio Formatter Disk: For formatting of sound disks
    • Virtual Music´s Utility Disk (Contains the QDOS, the Audio Formatter application and many more programs)

    System disks cannot be formatted nor copied within the CMI Page 2. Consequently, sound disks cannot be formatted within Page 2, too. Therefore please follow following examples:

    Formatting of system disks

    First you´ll need a formatted disk which may hold the later system. Please follow this procedure:

    • Start your CMI with the Virtual Music Utility Disk disk in the left hand floppy drive
    • Insert an empty disk into the right hand floppy drive
    • Enter following command: FORMAT (enter)
    • The CMI will format the floppy in the right hand drive

    Copying of system disks

    After formatting the disk you can copy various operation systems:

    • Start your CMI with the Virtual Music Utility Diskdisk in the left hand floppy drive
    • Enter following command: BACKUP (enter)
    • Follow the instructions on the screen

    The sound disk

    This kind of disks contains only audio data, like samples, instruments, sequences. These audio files can be copied under normal operation with the relevant Page 2 commands. Sound disks cannot be formatted within Page 2, so the special Audio Formatter Disk is needed, or you use the Audio-Formatter-Application of the Virtual Music Utility Disk.

    Formatting of sound disks

    • Boot your CMI with the  Virtual Music Utility Disk in the left hand floppy drive
    • Insert an empty disk into the right hand floppy drive
    • Enter following command: CHAIN AUDIO (enter)
    • Follow the instructions on the screen

    Copying of sound disks

    After formatting the disk you can copy various audio files:

    • Start your CMI with the Fairlight Boot-System in the left hand floppy drive
    • Enter Page 2
    • Copy the relevant files with the particular TRANSFER command


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