Answers to the FAQs (frequently asked questions) about our synthesizer service

If you have any questions or suggestions, we look forward to your e-mail to Open contact page (no Javascript) or telephone call!

  • News in times of Covid 19

    Despite the global pandemic, we are in excellent health and still your reliable service partner. We accept orders with the following changes:

    • Delivery by parcel service or postal service is preferred
    • We currently avoid any personal contact
    • Shipment will be done only once a week
    • The currently interrupted supply chains can lead to delays
    • Standard orders (PPG, Fairlight, Synthex, Chroma, OSCar) can be proceeded at the usual speed

    In any case, we look forward to your call or e-mail. Stay healthy!

  • My synthesizer doesn´t work properly anymore. What should I do?

    Contact us

    If your synthesizer doesn´t work properly anymore please call us or write an e-mail to Open contact page (no Javascript).

    Personal support

    As soon as you have consulted us with your problem, we support you personally. We can possibly eliminate the problem without sending your device to us. Or we can solve the problem in our Synthesizer Service Center here in Vienna. However we will find the right solution for your problem.

    Our service - transport and repair

    If a repair is necessary in our workshop to solve the problem, you will receive our complete service. We organize the shipment, carry out the repair and care about the return shipment.

  • Which synthesizers or samplers can be repaired by Virtual Music?

    We are specialized in high end systems like PPG, Fairlight, Rhodes Chroma or Elka Synthex, exotic stuff like OSC OSCar, and of course any other analogue or digital synthesizer built in the recent 35 years.

    We have testings systems by PPG, Synthex, Rhodes Chroma and Fairlight equipment in our service department. Therefore you only have to send the defective card, not the whole PPG Wave, Synthex synthesizer or CMI mainframe. Because you will send just a tiny card you can save a lots of money. We are going to put your defective card into our testing units and do a very fast and cost effective job!

    Please find below some of the instruments we have successfully repaired:

    API 2500
    Odyssey, ARP 2600, Avatar, …
    Digi oo2
    Synergy II
    A-100 Modular System, MCV-1, …
    Synthex (also board repair)
    EMU Systems
    Emulator 2, Orbit, Morpheus, Drumulator, etc. …
    ESQ-1, SQ-80, Mirage
    H-3000 Serie
    CMI I, CMI II und CMI IIX (also board repair)
    K5, K5000
    EX-8000, Wavestation, DSS-1, Polysix, Poly-61, Mono Poly, Poly 800, MS 10, MS-20, PS-3100, Korg Trident, …
    PCM 70, PCM 80, 200, 300, LXP-1, etc.
    Mini-Moog, Memorymoog, Micro Moog, Moog Modular System, …
    Synthtech MOTM Modular Synthesizer
    Synclavier II
    Modular Synthesizer
    OB-1, OB-8, OB-X, Matrix 6, Matrix 12, Xpander, OB-MX, Cyclone, DPX-1, DX, etc.
    Wave 2, Wave 2.3, Wave 2.2, EVU (also board repair)
    Chroma (also board repair)
    Fireface 800
    System 700, Jupiter 6, JX-3P, JX 8P, JX10, D-50, Juno 106, Juno 60, SH-101, TR808, TB 303, TR 909, MKS 30, …
    Prophet 5, Prophet 10, Prophet VS, Pro One, Prophet 600, SixTrak, …
    Bus Compressor, various modules
    110 F
    Microwave I, Pulse, 4-Pole
    TX-802, DX-7, SY-1, A-3000, TX81Z, TG-77, …
    Various Units
  • What should I take into account before I send my synthesizer to Virtual Music?

    Contact us

    If you want us to repair your defective device, please contact us. We work based on a straight time management. After making contact we can fix an appointment or discuss the details how to proceed.

    Complete the repair order form

    If you want to give us the order for repair, please fill out our order form for Synthesizer Service and attach it to the instrument. We will send you an e-mail with all the important instructions. Either send us your best packaged instrument with mail service or a cargo company or we will take care of the transport. If you want us to organize a forwarding agency, we will need the completed order form in advance. Please send it as a fax or as PDF per E-Mail.

    Customs fees due the import from non-EU-countries into the EU

    If you reside outside the European Union (Swiss, Australia, Canada, USA, etc), we have to pay customs fees for your goods. These fees are charged to you at the end of the repair. To keep these fees as low as possible, it is important to declare the goods with the right commercial value and the right customs class. As a special service for you we will send you a PDF with the appropriate customs declaration (in German or English, whatever is required). Simply print out the PDF and put it onto the box. So you save money because of avoiding hight customs fees. If you want this, please ask for that.

    Now our service starts: We will organize the transport, prepare the customs declarations, carry out the repair and care about the return shipment. It´s so easy and comfortable for you!

  • Why does Virtual Music need my completed order form before service?

    Best service for the customer

    Virtual Music needs to know what you want to have repaired. In order to deliver best service we need your completed order form. Please mention all the important information, as this is the basis of our work. Your cost limit must also be recorded on this form. Separately transmitted information (notes such as "according to last telephone call" or "As written in the e-mail") can not be considered for logistical reasons.

    Considering this helps us performing the service smoothly, quickly and to your fullest satisfaction.

  • How fast can Virtual Music repair my synthesizer?

    We are definitely one of the fastest service facilities for music electronics. According to the urgency we offer three service classes:

    Express service (immediate repair)

    In very urgent cases we repair your equipment after arrival in our Service Center immediately, on weekend and overnight. As soon the repair is completed and paid we will ship your device.

    Priority service (immediate repair)

    In urgent cases we repair your equipment after arrival in our Service Center immediately, on working days. As soon the repair is completed and paid we will ship your device.

    Economy service (first in/first out principle)

    At a normal exploitation we can carry out a repair order within approximately 14 working days. The received equipment is queued, repaired and after payment immediately sent back to you.

    Of course is a prerequisite that required spare parts are promptly deliverable.

  • Who cares about the transportation of my synthesizer?

    Another important part of our service is that we can care about the transport of your equipment. No matter where you are.

    You reside in the area Vienna

    We offer our individual delivery service. Your equipment will be picked up, transported properly, repaired and then delivered by Virtual Music. You only have to fill out the order form and get your device ready for pick up. We will do the rest. It´s so comfortable and simple!

    You reside outside of Vienna (Linz, London, Sydney ...)

    For national and international customers we organize our partner forwarding agency which makes an appointment with you for picking up your equipment. They will transport it properly and finally delivers it.

    You only have to fill out the order form and prepare your device for the shipment. It´s our job to care about the logistic details, too.

    Parcel services or post office

    Of course you can send your instrument or the cards by yourself, too. Virtual Music will provide an e-mail containing all the relevant information for a smooth process. There is a multitude of internationally operating mail services, for the dispatch of smaller instruments or components, Virtual Music likes to work with the plain old post office.

    Please never send an instrument or other product without prior consultation with Virtual Music!

  • Can I also have individual cards or components repaired?

    Yes! Because we do not always need the entire instrument. If you have a PPG Wave (Wave 2.0, Wave 2.2 or Wave 2.3), Rhodes Chroma, Elka Synthex and / or Fairlight CMI (I, II and IIX / IIL), then we can also repair defective components.

    Repair of defective cards = save on transport

    Together we will perform a few tests. This allows us to determine which card is defective and needs service. For repairing your defective card we provide a working test system. We charge a flat rate for providing the testing system which is € 90, -/€ 108, - (net / gross) for the PPG Wave 2.0, 2.2, 2.3, the Elka Synthex, the Rhodes Chroma, and the Fairlight CMI I. II, IIX and IIL.

    The card repair saves you a lot of effort and costs - because you only need to send a small packet instead of your 45 kg heavylight mainframe. If you do not dare to extract the cards by yourself, we can help you with supporting any competent radio mechanic - there is certainly one next to you.

  • How should I pack my synthesizer for the transport to Virtual Music?

    International and national transport by the forwarding agency

    The best way for transporting your synthesizer is a suitable flight case. If you don´t have any suitable flight case for your synthesizer, then wrap it into several layers of blister foil (bubble wrap; big bubbles) and pack the whole thing into stable corrugated cardboard. In any case you should take care that your device is protected sufficiently for the shipment and the packet is indicated as "Fragile / Zerbrechlich". Take care that joysticks and knobs are protected against pushes from the outside. It is your responsibility to pack your synthesizer properly for transport.


    When the forwarding agency delivers your instrument, please check the package for any damage and note these damages on the freight papers of the cargo clerk. If you found any hidden problem you must contact us immediately (within 24 hours after receiving) and reclaim at the cargo company at once, too. We send all goods insured if sent with mail; cargo is basically uninsured unless you order an insurance.

    Individual delivery service in the area Vienna

    If you want us to pick up your device personally, you don´t need to pack it. We will bring suitable packaging material to transport your equipment properly.

    Shipping of boards, cards or components

    Each board (out of a PPG, Fairlight, Rhodes Chroma, etc. ) should be wrapped in bubble wrap. Then all items are packaged in a sturdy cardboard box. Please ensure that there is sufficient space between each card and between cards and transport box. Please never use aluminum foil for wrapping the boards. This causes short circuits in batteries and accumulators.

    If you mention these hints an international transport of synthesizers is not a problem at all.

  • How much is a repair at Virtual Music?

    Our repair service is based on expenditure of time and the actual costs for shipment and spare parts. Our rates are:

    • € 85,-/€ 102,- (net/gross) per hour Economy Service (first in/first out)
    • € 115,-/€ 138,- (net/gross) per hour Priority Service (immediate repair, working day without night hours)
    • € 135,-/€ 163,- (net/gross) perhour Express Service (immediate repair, weekend/public holidays + night hours)
    • Shipment costs and spare parts according to the actual costs

    We charge transparently the actual time we spent. Additional services, like spare parts, packing and shipment costs are charged based on effort and are an additional part of the invoice. For component repair (e.g. voice cards) we provide a properly working testing system. Per repair order of a component repair there is a flat fee charged which is €90,-/€108,- (net/gross) for a PPG, Rhodes Chroma, Synthex or Fairlight repair, regardless of the amount of defective boards and the number of jobs we do, as long as they are within 6 month from the inital order.

    Customers in Austria and European Union (gross price)

    We issue your invoice including the legal turnover tax, which is 20% in Austria.

    VAT number for customers in the European Union (net price)

    If you have a valid VAT-number and if you are outside of Austria we are able to issue the invoice without VAT (net). You will then have to pay VAT in your home country and we have to report the transaction to the Austrian Finacial Department. A prerequisite is that you state your number in the order form and that it matches with your address. A subsequent change in the invoice is not possible for logistical and legal reasons.

    Customers outside the European Union

    If you are outside the EU we are able to issue the invoice without any VAT. It is in your responsibility and duty to pay the VAT in your country, if you are not already subject to customs duty as import tax.

  • Why does Virtual Music refuse any cost estimate but offers a cost limit?

    That´s true, Virtual Music does not make any cost estimate for repairs! Why? Because we think it is impossible to judge the costs in advance cordially. How can you be sure that the costs will be within your budget?

    Cost limit - risk minimization for the customer

    You have the option to specify your personal net budget on the order form.

    Repair is below budget

    Everything is fine and relaxed. We charge the labour time and spareparts actually used.

    Budget exceeded

    If we have reached the limit, we will contact you. If you want us to go further, we will continue. If you do not wish to continue, we will not charge you for any repairs that have not been completed, and you only have to pay for installed parts and shipment, or those works which leads to an increase in the value of the instrument. With this method we take the risk of a potentially costly repair.

    This obligingness applies only to instruments which come directly to Virtual Music after the defect first appeared.


    Please mind that in case of a tampered, defective purchased instrument, or an instrument with prior (unsuccessful) repair attempts, we always charge the used labour time - even our repair attempt is being unsuccessful, too.

    Complete transparency during repair

    Once a repair has been started, you will be informed about the progress frequently. For each milestone, you will receive an e-mail with the current status. So you have the possibility to take active influence. Please note that we can also ask you questions. If the repair is done, we will send you the invoice and the service report.


  • Why are both net and gross prices listed?

    Our prices are stated both net (without VAT) and gross (including 20% VAT):

    Net prices (excluding VAT) apply to all private and business customers from non-EU countries (Australia, USA, Brazil, Switzerland, ...) and to all business customers from the EU (with valid UID number, except Austria). Please note that taxes (import sales tax and / or customs fees) can occur when returning the goods (import turnover tax on the net value of the repair invoice).

    Gross prices (with 20% VAT) apply to all private customers within the EU and to all customers from Austria.

    On our invoices, offers and pro forma invoices, all individual prices are shown net. At the end the final amount is net or gross (added 20% VAT) according to the legal basis.

  • How can I pay the repair?

    Credit card

    The most comfortable way to pay is the transaction per credit card. We accept Mastercard and Visa. After we have charged the amount of your invoice to your card we will get the release by the credit card company (a process of a few seconds). The amount is withdrawn from your card account automatically after 6 weeks.

    Pay in advance per bank wire transfer

    If you don´t have any credit card, we accept also payment in advance on our account (bank wire transfer) - please mind to take over any fees which might arise from the interstate transfer.

    Please mind that we do not accept cash payment anymore. As soon as the invoice has been cleared completely your items will be shipped immediately.

  • How do I know what Virtual Music has repaired?

    After we have repaired your synthesizer you will get an invoice as well as a detailed service report. In some cases, you even get a manually generated status report by confirming each function individually (e.g. a Rhodes Chroma voice board).

    This service report informs you about all technical details of the repair or the service.

  • Is it profitable to buy broken synthesizers and repair them?

    In many times buying broken equipment is a cost trap.

    Over the years we faced situations when clients bought broken synthesizers and asked us for a service - with the hope of making a bargain. In many cases the former seller said: "Well, once upon a time the XY-Synthesizer did not work anymore. I don´t know what happened, but this should not be a problem for a technician...."

    Reality often showes something completely different: Many of these units were tortured with repair attempts by "semi tech guys" and therefore were damaged. Scratched track conductors, ran out batteries, damaged chips and even missing power supplies (!) were the results of this technical abuse.

    For us as professional service facility these synthesizer corpses are a real problem: Before starting the actual repair, the status quo has to be re-established. This is unpleasant and expensive. If, nevertheless, we receive an order for the repair of a defective bought instrument or a technically pre-treated instrument, we will charge all services - even if they do not lead to any success. Of course, we will respect your budgetary limits which are stated on the order form and we also regularly inform you with any news.

    For people who want to buy vintage synthesizers we strongly recommend to buy well performing and tested equipment. This might be more expensive but you will have fun for the next years!

  • Communication – Minimum Standard

    We love projects with creative people and we appreciate the personal contact. Friendliness and gratitude are a good basis for any successful communication.

    Recently, however, gruff requests have been piling up, sometimes anonymously, rudely or without salutation and greeting. If we receive such emails, we will not respond. As soon as the communication improves, we look forward to a second attempt.

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