Iconic is an acted out vintage synthesizer excess

Iconic is the new concept album released by the electronic project Danger in Dream. Like the legendary predecessor Entrance, the current CD also pays homage to the electronic music of the early 80s, expanded with progressive and experimental elements.

Iconic offers the discerning listener six themes which fade into each other. The compositions are a multifarious mélange of detailed sonic structures, catchy melodies and filigree harmonies. Clever programmed sequences, groovy rhythms and a modulated soundscapes support the atmospheric tension.

All tracks on Iconic are unique musical pieces. They are the result of numerous live sessions in the studio, using only hardware synthesizers. With artistic virtuosity and attention to detail, the protagonists combine hand-played vintage synthesizers with modern electronic instruments. State-of-the-art recording technology, contemporary sound design and the collaboration of the best sound engineers give the tonal finish. The open approach and the focus on the magic of the moment give Iconic this unmistakable organic agility.

Iconic by Danger in Dream is a worth listening new release, full of character and catchy moments. This vintage synthesizer excess is fully recommended to every fan of electronic music.

Iconic Titel:        Danger In Dream ‎– Iconic
Label:      Virtual Music ‎– VM-DID02
Format:   CD, Album
Release:  2019
Genre:     Electronic; Berlin High School
Total:       62 Minutes


  1. Astrosteron 
  2. Iconic 
  3. Deep Blue
  4. Skylink
  5. Arctic Mysteries
  6. Electric Fields

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Latest News: Iconic is awarded as the best electronic album 2019

Iconic was awarded the German Prize for Electronic Music for our album „Danger in Dream - Iconic“. We are the winners in the category "Best Electronics Album 2019": www.schallwelle-preis.de

We would like to thank our friends and fans, the jury and all our supporters from the bottom of our hearts. Every contribution was important and valuable. THANK YOU! :-)

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  • International Feedback

    Sylvain Lupari, www.synthsequences.com  Rating: 4.5 out of 5

    Come on! Say the name quickly. Say Danger in Dream quickly, quickly! Like music, the words in your mouth come close to illusion; Tangerine Dream! If you missed the wonderful Entrance in 2001, don't miss ICONIC. (…)

    Astrosteron begins slowly. (…) And even more when a line of the sequencer makes it keys dancing with symmetrical jumps, and the ambiences are perfumed with pads and a dialogue between synths, like in the days of Exit. (…) Deep Blue is a nice ballad of the White Eagle genre from which rises a beautiful synth solo which embellishes the listening as much as these slamming percussions which follow its evolution. A very good title which flows towards a pure remake of the opening of Tangram, at least for the first part of Skylink Part 1. The armada of percussive elements here reaches an unexpected level in what becomes a good electronic rock guided by sober electronic percussions. We close our eyes and the Dream becomes almost reality. As if a secret agent had stolen archives from the Franke, Froese, Schmoelling trio! Skylink Part 2 continues the evolution with a slightly stroboscopic spheroidal structure that can be found in Network, still from Exit. The cadence slowly decreasing, we arrive at Arctic Mysteries where synth solos compete with a fauna of percussive elements and sound effects à la White Eagle, Mojave Plan, in a structure leaping in its static fabric but oh so lively of its multiple effects. With our ears still in seduction mode, we probably reach the pinnacle of ICONIC with the Electric Fields trilogy. It's almost 20 minutes of electronic rock, rather frenzied I would say, watching our feet tapping nervously on a rhythm that mixes spasmodic and leaping visions quite well. As in the Entrance's finale, Danger in Dream raises its level of composition by a notch with a more personal structure where elements and effects from the 80's are grafted, as much from the music of Tangerine Dream as that of EM in general. I'm thinking in particular of Jean-Michel Jarre.

    (…) The multiplicity of sound effects, including creativity in percussive elements, make this album a jewel that delights each time you listen to it. It is a must for fans of Tangerine Dream with influences and similarities that range from Tangram to Hyperborea. The sound quality and production are impeccable, like the 62 minutes of this album which has been playing in loops since I received it from Virtual Music.

    Joerg Strawe / Cue Records

    Iconic is Danger in Dream´s new album. Like the legendary predecessor Entrance, this album is produced in the style of Berlin School, expanded with progressive elements. Iconic offers everything that delights us fans of electronic music: a lot of those great PPG sounds, driving sequences, analog moog basses, catchy solos, etc.

    Danger in Dream use only hardware synthesizers, which are recorded in numerous live sessions in the studio. Accompanied by sequencers and arpeggiators, the artists record only the mixed stereo signal. The music gets it´s sound in a professional studio by the best sound engineers. The focus on the magic of the moment and the open approach give Iconic that distinctive organic flavour. Iconic is a sensational album.

    If you like TD's Exit, Logos or Hyperborea, then you will surely love Iconic.

    Discogs; User "linksys"  Rating: 5 out of 5

    I got Iconic last week and I must have played it a thousand times. The music is really addictive. Awesome synthesizer sounds, crystal clear tone, catchy solos, groovy sequences – all what I expect from that kind of music. The booklet states that Danger in Dream pays tribute to the good old days of electronic music. I think that they did not build just a temple to worship our heroes. Actually they built a colossal cathedral! Electronic music at it´s best, very recommended!

    Michael W. R. Mount Airy; USA

    I picked the CDs up from the US Post Office yesterday. Both my son and I have listened to them and think you have another winner! I am such an aficionado of that old school Berlin sound you capture so well. Do I understand correctly that the whole thing has captured in real time? I'm impressed! Thank you for carrying the torch and putting out more of your work!

    Dubravko S. Zagreb, Kroatia

    I went all the way through Iconic yesterday, and it is really, as you described it, sort of modern reflection on long gone time. I like it very much! (…) I also noticed, and it is true for your previous work as well, that you manage to produce extremely clean sound with abundance of details and structure. I've seen a note saying it has been mastered for quality. In a way it's like listening to high-quality classical orchestral record (which I'm doing a lot these days) and having clear insight into large ensemble. (…) Really amazing!

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