Alexander Guelfenburg´s Music and Cooperation with other artists

Alexander Guelfenburg has 30-year studio and production experience. If time allows he offers musical assistance with giving new impulses, or doing a complete new arrangement, or making a remix.

Here are some examples of cooperation with friendly musicians:

  • Wolfgang Flur – "Pleasure Lane"

    Flur´s recently released album „Eloquence“ includes the song Pleasure Lane. Originally composed by Wolfgang, "Pleasure Labe" was a long piece with rather sad harmonies and he handed over the samples with the request for new ideas and impulses. Guelfenburg has tighten the flow and built a complete new arrangement around the vocal tracks, with fresh sounds and airy harmonies. The result was an emotional, catchy pop song. Flur was thrilled and put this remix on the album.

  • Remix for Homme Beige – „Love the machines“

    The two producers Manfred Hermann and Jon Kaiser wanted a new version of their song "Love the Machines" for their new album „Homme Beige / June“ - a piece from an older "Tanga" album. The result is "guelfen machines".

  • Ramona Rotstich – „Zimmer mit Ausblick“

    A birthday present for Ramona - Guelfenburg's remix of her catchy song "Zimmer mit Ausblick". The new arrangement should clearly differ from the original. So this fast and rousing song become a slow, melancholic, and mystical tune. This is a treat for PPG-Wave fans.

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