Our philosophy at Synthesizer Service

We are synthesizer freaks, so we are at home in any kind of analogue or digital synthesizer or sampler. Our specialities are service, repair, restoration and own developments for many vintage synthesizers (upgrades, modifications, MIDI interfaces, sounds and documents).

Our main competence is the service and maintenance of equipment by Fairlight, PPG, OSC and Elka Synthex.

Our success is based on five pillars

  • Technical expertise

    For the successful and economical repair of music electronics the technical expertise is extremely important. We are specialized in high end systems like PPG, Fairlight, Rhodes Chroma or Elka Synthex, exotic stuff like OSC OSCar, and of course any other analogue or digital synthesizer built in the recent 35 years.

    We have testings systems by PPG, Synthex, Rhodes Chroma and Fairlight equipment in our service department. Therefore you only have to send the defective card, not the whole PPG Wave, Synthex synthesizer or CMI mainframe. Because you will send just a tiny card you can save a lots of money. We are going to put your defective card into our testing units and do a very fast and cost effective job!

    Please find below some of the instruments we have successfully repaired:

    API 2500
    Odyssey, ARP 2600, Avatar, …
    Digi oo2
    Synergy II
    A-100 Modular System, MCV-1, …
    Synthex (also board repair)
    EMU Systems
    Emulator 2, Orbit, Morpheus, Drumulator, etc. …
    ESQ-1, SQ-80, Mirage
    H-3000 Serie
    CMI I, CMI II und CMI IIX (also board repair)
    K5, K5000
    EX-8000, Wavestation, DSS-1, Polysix, Poly-61, Mono Poly, Poly 800, MS 10, MS-20, PS-3100, Korg Trident, …
    PCM 70, PCM 80, 200, 300, LXP-1, etc.
    Mini-Moog, Memorymoog, Micro Moog, Moog Modular System, …
    Synthtech MOTM Modular Synthesizer
    Synclavier II
    Modular Synthesizer
    OB-1, OB-8, OB-X, Matrix 6, Matrix 12, Xpander, OB-MX, Cyclone, DPX-1, DX, etc.
    Wave 2, Wave 2.3, Wave 2.2, EVU (also board repair)
    Chroma (also board repair)
    Fireface 800
    System 700, Jupiter 6, JX-3P, JX 8P, JX10, D-50, Juno 106, Juno 60, SH-101, TR808, TB 303, TR 909, MKS 30, …
    Prophet 5, Prophet 10, Prophet VS, Pro One, Prophet 600, SixTrak, …
    Bus Compressor, various modules
    110 F
    Microwave I, Pulse, 4-Pole
    TX-802, DX-7, SY-1, A-3000, TX81Z, TG-77, …
    Various Units
  • 100% Customer Focus

    Personal relationship with you is the most important thing to us. Beginning from the first contact you will be individually looked after by a contact person. We will support you at the local fault delimitation, the transport, inform you regularly about the status and give you beside the invoice a detailed service report. So you are well informed about the status of your synthesizer´s service.

    If you want us to repair your music equipment, you have to do only two things, no matter if you are at home in Vienna, Cologne, Hollywood, or Sydney:

    • Get in contact with us
    • Wrap your equipment in bubble wrap and cardboard and make it ready for shipment

    We will organize the remaining things!

    If you are in the greater area in or around Vienna we offer you our individual transport service.

    If you are an international customer we can organize our long term partner forwarding agency and additionally care about the customs declaration. The forwarding agency will call you for an appointment for picking up your unit. After repair the same cargo company will contact you when they can deliver your unit. Our forwarding agency operates world wide!

  • Highest Quality Requirements

    Quality management is more than a modern headword, it is part of our business philosophy. Predefined internal processes and a mature customer care system supports us to be the high quality service partner which is highly appreciated by our customers.

  • Fast Repair

    Comprehensive know how, modern measuring instruments, a tight time management and an extensive spare part stock is the guarantee for a fast repair.

    We offer three service classes according to the urgency of the repair:

    • Economy Service: first in / first out principle; €85,-/€102,- Euro per hour (net/gross).
    • Priority Service: immediate repair; working days; 08:00 -18:00; €115,-/€138,- per hour (net/gross)
    • Express Service: immediate repair; weekend and night hours: €135,-/€^62,- per hour (net/gross)

    At normal exploitation a repair (rate model "Economy class") lasts approximately 14 working days. According to its arrival the equipment will be queued, repaired and after payment immediately shipped back to the customer.

    In urgent cases we can repair immediately (rate model "Priority class", "Express class"). Your unit will be repaired immediately after arrival in our service center. After repair and payment the unit will be shipped back to the customer. Of course it is a prerequisite that all necessary spare parts are on stock or available.

  • Discretion

    We process your inquiries and orders always confidentially and with highest discretion. Our lived appreciation for the privacy of our customers is an essential foundation for a long-term and loyal partnership.

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