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  • Quantec QRS Repair

    Robust technology from the 80s

    The Quantec QRS is a technical and sonic milestone. The instrument rightly deserves its place in the audio Olympus. Many Quantecs still work flawlessly even after 40 years of studio operation.

    Heat as a problem

    Because of the enormous component density, the QRS gets quite hot. When overheating, the signal might be contaminated by annoying cracking or transients. In most cases, these phenomena disappear as soon as the QRS is mounted with a little distance to other devices and has enough "air to breathe". Passive air circulation is the magic formula here, because the QRS has no fan.

    Any issues? No worries!

    In the case of a broken component, the annoying phenomena persist despite good ventilation. Fortunately, there are good chances for a repair!

    Quantec QRS The complex technology in the Quantec is – as with the PPG Wave – a stroke of genius of German engineering! Thus, the QRS has neither a central processor nor other proprietary DSPs. Rather, the reverb sound is created via myriads of discrete logic chips, most of which are still available today.

    The picture shows a QRS wired for measuring. With the help of a logic analyzer, numerous data streams are checked in order to locate the defective components. This challenge can be mastered with structured methods in a reasonable time.

    Our long term experience and the well-filled component stock make us positive: The QRS has a good chance for a successful repair and can certainly provide excellent services for years to come.

    Service order

    If you want us to repair your defective QRS, please get in contact with us before sending any equipment. Just send us an e-mail to Open contact page (no Javascript). After clarifying all details you will get an e-mail with all necessary information.

  • Quantec QRS Documents

    Here you can download the Quantec QRS User´s Manual in Englisch as well as the Quantec QRS User´s Manual in German. These PDFs are free of charge and you may download and print them for private use only! Special thanks to Theo Bloderer for providing the original paper manuals!

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