Example of a typical Service Process

In the following we will show you how we usually proceed a successful synthesizer service. In principle, we work according to this method to be able to offer you always the same optimal service quality.

  • Contacting Virtual Music

    If you have a defective synthesizer, then please contact us first. You can write an e-mail to Open contact page (no Javascript) or send a fax, or simply call us on the phone (+43-1-236 52 67-0; if we are not able to take your call please leave a message).

    After that we will create a new case in our customer care system and we will look after you personally so that you´ll get a fast solution.

    For an efficient communication we kindly ask you to tell us your name, e-mail address and telephone number. Of course your data will only be used for internal purposes and will not be passed on to third parties.

  • Virtual Music sends Instructions by E-Mail

    Once the problem is defined, you will receive an email with some important information from us. For example, our complete address, links to the order form (please complete and add it to your equipment), whether we need the entire instrument or just a card for service, hints on how to pack your synthesizer and, if necessary, also the completed customs declaration as a PDF for printing.

  • Complete the Order Form

    Please complete our order form for synthesizer service and attach it to your instrument.

    If you like us to order a cargo agency for you, please send us the completed order form as a fax (to the number  +43-1-236 52 67 – 99.) or as a PDF to the following E-mail: Open contact page (no Javascript)

  • Transport to Vienna

    Now you can send us your instrument or your cards according to our e-mail.

    Alternatively we will organize the cargo agency for picking up your equipment. Or we pick up your instrument (greater Vienna) personally.

    For transport with a cargo agency or mail service please pack your device into the suitable flightcase or/and wrap it in bubble foil surrounded by carton. Not every flightcase is really able to be shipped (especially cheap case made in China). You are responsible that your unit is ready and safe for the transport.

    If you are outside of the European Union (Swiss, Australia, Canada, USA, etc.) we can provide a PDF with the ready-to-print customs declaration. Simply print the PDF and put it onto the box. So you save money because of avoiding hight customs fees due to wrong declaration. If you want this, please contact us.

    The cargo agency will contact you and makes an appointment for the collection.

  • Confirmation

    As soon as we receive your device, we will send you a confirmation as an e-mail.

  • Repair and Status Update

    During the repair we will inform you about success and partial success of the repair per e-mail regularly.

  • Invoice and Service Report

    After the successful completion of the service we issue an invoice and write an extensive service report. You can pay per credit card or per money transfer. Please mind that we do not accept cash anymore.

  • Return transport

    After the invoice has been cleared we care about the return of your device. The forwarding agency will contact you to make an appointment for the delivery of your synthesizer or you will receive your instrument by an other transport service.

  • Feedback

    About three weeks after delivery we will kindly ask you for your feedback if you are satisfied with the service. If your device works great we close your case in our customer care system. Also your feedback in our feedback forum is highly appreciated.

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