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  • Finding a Faulty Voice

    If one voice is detuned or muted then most commonly a voice card is defective

    There is no reason for worrying!

    If one of your voices seems to be defective, there is absolutely no reason for worrying! We have a lots of experience at Synthex synthesizers and we like to help you! In the very most cases there isn´t any need to send the whole Synthex to Virtual Music´s synthesizer service center. We only need your defective voice card, which will be tested and repaired in our internal testing system.

    Synthex´s voice architecture

    Inside of the synthesizer you can find4 voice cards. They are responsible for 8 analogue voices. Yes, you are right: Each voice card can generate two independent voices.

    Finding the faulty card

    First of all you need to find out which of the 4 cards are defective. BUT FIRST: Unplug the power cable! Open the 4 screws and lift the panel. Caution: Synthex Screws Proceed only if you have knowledge about electronic equipment. One wrong handle (e.g. at the power supply) can be lethal! In case of doubt please engage an expert!

    Synthex Voice Cards From now: Don´t touch the electronic parts inside the Synthex! Replug the power cable, power up the Synthex and choose a sound program. During playing on the keyboard you can see some red LEDs on the voice cards. They glow corresponding to the played voice. Play as long as you have found the defective voice.

    Removing the defective voice card

    Power down the synthesizer and disconnect the power cable. Open the two big screws and remove the respective card and wrap it into antistatic foil first. If the card is somewhere in the middle, deinstall the upper cards, too. But caution: Keep in mind which of the cards the defective one is. Else: The procedure of "finding the faulty card" was useless... ;-)

    If you need technical assistance or support, please contact us. The Synthex is a very complex and sensitive device and should be treated with respect.

    Service order

    If you want us to repair your defective channel card, please get in contact with us before sending any equipment. Simply send us an E-Mail to Open contact page (no Javascript). After clarifying all details you will receive an E-Mail with all necessary instructions.

    Other problems with your Synthex?

    Of course we can repair other defects fast and effectively, too. If you have any problem with your synthesizer, please contact us. We are happy to help you!

  • MIDI-data mismatch...

    ...is avoidable.

    Does your Synthex suffer from poor MIDI timing or stuck MIDI notes? No worries! The basic principle: Elka´s Synthex doesn´t like MIDI-realtime-messages (timing clock, active sensing, etc.)!

    As soon as your MIDI sequencer "annoys" the Synthex with realtime messages, the Synthex responses with a very bad MIDI timing. In some extreme cases the notes won´t be triggered or get stuck.

    This is a nasty behaviour but not a damage nor a bug of the Synthex´s MIDI interface.

    You can avoid these effects: Simply disable any realtime messages on your sequencer´s MIDI port which feeds the Synthex. Take care that the Synthex will receive only Note-On and Note-Off messages and everything´s fine.

    Additionally it is recommended to use just the Synthex on that MIDI-port and no other MIDI devices. Just avoid any daisy-chaining of MIDI devices. This is because the Synthex has to check and verify each single MIDI message (no matter who is the receiver of that data) and this makes the internal processor very sloooooooow...

  • Synthex User´s Manual

    For an immediate start...

    ..you can download the Synthex´s user´s manual in english language. This PDF manual is free of charge and you may download and print it for private use only! Special thanks to J.B.Emond for providing this manual!

    Please use the download-option of your browser.

  • Original Factory Presets

    By chance we got the original Synthex factory presets and we´d like to share them with you. These sounds are different from the internal ROM presets and are very sought-after. Please use your browser´s download option.

    How do the sounds go into the Synthex?

    • Open the file in your computer´s favourite media player (e.g. Windows Media Player)
    • Connect the Synthex´s backside jack "FROM CASSETTE" with your computer´s audio output
    • Activate the switches "WRITE ENABLE" and "LOAD" on the Synthex´s backside
    • All panel LED´s are dark now; the sound production is deactivated
    • Now press the button "LOAD" which is the double function of the button "WRITE"
    • Start the media player and send the sound information to the Synthex
    • If everything´s fine the bank select LEDs start lighting; one after the other in a sequence
    • Blinking LEDs or dark LEDs show that the transfer was incorrect, maybe the sound level of the sound file was too mellow or the cable connection was bad. Just check and try again
    • If everything is fine switch off both switches on the backside of the Synthex

    CAUTION: If you transfer the patches from your computer to the Synthex then you will loose all previous stored patches in the area "MEMORY"!

  • Original Spareparts

    Original potentiometer caps for the regulators of the Synthex.
    5 pcs. per set - 2x grey; 3x black
    Synthex Caps
       Code:       Synthex-Caps 5 pcs.
       Price:       5,80 Euro net/ 6,96 Euro gross

    For ordering please send us your completed product order form or send us an e-mail to Open contact page (no Javascript).

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