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  • The MUSE for Minimoog Reissue 2016

    MUSE turns the Minimoog Reissue 2016 into the best synthesizer ever!

    MUSE Features ENG

    The MUSE - what´s that?

    The MUSE (Minimoog´s Ultimate System Extension)  is a new plag&play interface for the Minimoog Reissue. The MUSE solves the conceptual restrictions of the synthesizer (imprecise pitch-bend, no MIDI connection of modulation-wheel or decay and glide switches, pitch-wheel issues caused by the current firmware, etc.) and offers new and helpful functions. MUSE is the invisible workhorse for the live and studio performance. The MUSE definitely turns the Minimoog Reissue into the best synthesizer ever.

    Functions for the (live) performance

    • The pitch wheel has a clear center position now - no more detuning at the center point
    • The pitch wheel range can be set from 0 to 12 precise semi tones
    • The intensity of the modulation wheel can be reduced to 25% - for a sensitive control of the modulation signal
    • The after-touch can control the amount of modulation
    • An additional "fingered glide" mode automatically activates the portamento effect (= Autoglide)
    • Detuning issues while activating the modulation switches are solved now
    • All functions can be changed quickly via the keyboard and saved permanently

    Functions for the MIDI studio

    • The modulation wheel sends and receives MIDI controller data
    • MIDI-after-touch can control the strength of the modulation
    • Both switches - Glide and Decay - send and receive MIDI data
    • MUSE also smooth out external MIDI-pitch-bend data. Incoming MIDI-bending sounds as smooth as it was played directly on the keyboard
    • The MIDI pitch bend bug of the Moog firmware V1.8 is solved by MUSE
    • At "Local off" all left hand controllers are separated by the internal sound generator and affect the MIDI-out only (especially the pitch-wheel!)

    The MUSE Interface


    The installation is quite easy. The included instructions show how the installation can be done. MUSE is placed into the open left hand controller - without soldering and without drilling. There is also no need for additional buttons or switches. All parameters are changed either per MIDI commands or directly on the keyboard with theintelligent "keyboard mode". Without any mechanical or optical changes, the value of your Minimoog ™ is retained.


    Also the operation is easy. The included instructions describe both the concept and the operation of MUSE. Via MIDI or directly on the keyboard you can change and save the operating modes. All settings are available immediately after switching on the Minmoog. Quite soon, you will know all the tricks by heart and can concentrate on your music.

    Firmware and Updates

    The software from MUSE has passed many long-term test in the studio and on stage. For future updates, MUSE provides a USB port. By means of a computer and a new firmware, you always remain up-to-date. If available new updates are posted right here. By the way, the USB cable is included in the scope of supply.

    Test reports and media

    Amazona testreport - many thanks to Peter Grandl; translated by google translator - please excuse stylistic howlers
    Great Synthesizers testreport - many thanks to Theo Bloderer
    A Video, that shows the installation - many thanks to the user "Nik Nak"
    A Video, that shows the feature "Touch-Modulation" - many thanks to Peter Mahr

    Order and availability

    Code:      The MUSE
    Price:      319,- Euro net / 382,80 Euro gross + shipment fees

    Status update (May, 2024): The final series is completed and ready for delivery - The MUSE project will then be discontinued. I still have a few finished circuit boards but no Teensy 3.2 (the computer in MUSE) anymore. Only when I can get some Teensy 3.2 I am able to finish and deliver the remaining boards. Until then I unfortunately have to work with a waiting list. 

    For your enquiry please send us your completed product order form or send us an e-mail with your address and (if applicable) your VAT-number  to Open contact page (no Javascript).

  • Pitchwheel Service Kit for Minimoog

    Eliminates the random detuning caused by the pitch wheel

    Constantly detuned

    The design of the Minimoog´s pitch wheel causes the synthesizer to be slightly detuned after the pitch wheel was used. The problem is caused by the tolerances of the components used (potentiometer, grid, wear, etc.) and is unfortunately normal for the Minimoog.

    Our approach

    Minimoog Pitchwheel Kit The kit offered here solves this problem in an elegant way: it gives the pitch wheel an electronic "dead center" in the middle position - a small area that does not change the pitch although a slight movement of the wheel. The Minimoog is always perfect in tune - despite any strong pitch-wheel acrobatics ... 


    The upgrade consists of a small board (fully assembled) and detailed installation instructions. Installation and adjustment are quite simple and can be done in approx. 30 minutes, only 4 cables have to be soldered and three screws have to be opened. If requested we can do the installtion for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

           Code:       Minimoog Pitchwheel Service Kit
           Price:       83,- Euro net / 99,60 Euro gross

    Current Status:  Currently available

    For ordering please send us your completed product order form or send us an e-mail to Open contact page (no Javascript).

    Attention: This product is not suitable for the new Minimoog Reissue, which need to have the MUSE installed.

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