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  • Pitchwheel Service Kit for Minimoog

    Eliminates the random detuning caused by the pitch wheel

    Constantly detuned

    The design of the Minimoog´s pitch wheel causes the synthesizer to be slightly detuned after the pitch wheel was used. The problem is caused by the tolerances of the components used (potentiometer, grid, wear, etc.) and is unfortunately normal for the Minimoog.

    Our approach

    Minimoog Pitchwheel Kit The kit offered here solves this problem in an elegant way: it gives the pitch wheel an electronic "dead center" in the middle position - a small area that does not change the pitch although a slight movement of the wheel. The Minimoog is always perfect in tune - despite any strong pitch-wheel acrobatics ... 


    The upgrade consists of a small board (fully assembled) and detailed installation instructions. Installation and adjustment are quite simple and can be done in approx. 30 minutes, only 4 cables have to be soldered and three screws have to be opened. If requested we can do the installtion for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Here you can download the Installation Manual.

           Code:       Minimoog Pitchwheel Service Kit
           Price:       83,- Euro net / 99,60 Euro gross

    For ordering please send us your completed product order form or send us an e-mail to Open contact page (no Javascript).

    Attention: This product is not suitable for the new Minimoog Reissue - you will find an own solution for the pitch wheel issue very soon.

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