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Legal notice: Pulse and Pulse Plus are registered trademarks of Waldorf Music GmbH, Lilienthalstraße 7, 53434 Remagen, Germany. There is no business relationship between Virtual Music e.U. and Waldorf GmbH. The term "Polivoks" used here refers exclusively to the synthesizer developed by Vladimir Kuzmin in the 1980s.

  • Pulse on Steroids: Russian Filter Upgrade for Waldorf Pulse

    The Russian Multimode Filter integrated in the Pulse - a Synthesizer on Steroid!

    The filter of the original Polivoks synthesizer built by Vladimir Kuzmin is legendary for its powerful and mangy sound. Nothing in the world is that fat! The new Virtual Music Russian Filter Upgrade is a faithful replica. It is a small circuit board, designed for installation in the Waldorf Pulse.

    Russian Filter + Pulse = A powerful team!

    The distinctive aesthetics of the Russian Filter under the control of a powerful modulation matrix make sonic dreams come true. With relatively little effort, this Filter Upgrade transforms the Pulse into a fantastic sounding analog monster that even outshines some famous vintage synthesizers.

    All features of the Russian Filter Upgrade

    • Vintage sound an analogue warmth for Waldorf Pulse / Pulse Plus
    • Authentic fat sound400 Russian Filter Upgrade - Board
    • Multimode filter with low pass and band pass characteristics
    • Optional filter modulation by Oscillator 3
    • The orignal Pulse filter still remains
    • All filters can be selected quickly via the panel
    • Seamless integration into the Pulse sound generation
    • Kit for self-installation - optional installation by Virtual Music
    • Installation without any optical change of the Pulse
    • The filter's audio path is built in the style of the 80s
    • Handmade boutique ware built in small batch in Vienna

    A very powerful Sound

    The Russian Filter Upgrade sounds like the legendary original. The sound is creamy and powerfully mangy. Higher oscillator levels produce juicy saturation effects. With stronger resonances, the filter begins to scream passionately.


    New Filter Modes 400 Russian Filter Upgrade - Signal Flow

    According to the Russian original filter, this Filter Upgrade offers low pass and band pass filter modes. The original Pulse filter still remains and can be used at any time.

    Filter Modulation by Oscillator 3

    Oscillator 3 can be used as modulator for the filter cutoff frequency. In that case OSC 3 level defines the strength of the modulation. Filter modulations in the audio range create spectacular effects in a simple way - previously impossible for the Pulse.

    Easy Operation

    The desired filter setting and the filter modulation by Oscillator 3 can be selected directly from the panel - a simple and quick process.

    Design and Manufacturing

    The signal path of the Russian Filter Upgrade is intransigently kept in the style of the 80s. The handmade production and the use of authentic components (NOS!) are our commitment to local workplaces and high quality. Therefore we are happy that we can offer this fantastic filter for the price of a Eurorack module!

    Installing the Russian Filter Upgrade

    500 Russian Filter Upgrade - Board installed

    The Russian Filter Upgrade is a fully assembled and tested circuit board which will be installed in the Pulse. The instrument remains unchanged in its appearance. For the installation, the Pulse is dismantled and soldering and screwing work is required (16 wires soldered on, two capacitors unsoldered and a conductor path cut). The detailed instructions make the installation clear.

    The installation requires basic knowledge in electronics. For those with a talent for technology, the installation should be done in 90 minutes. Otherwise, professional support is recommended. Alternatively, Virtual Music can take over the installation for you.

    Test reports and media

    Amazona testreport - translated by google translator - please excuse stylistic howlers

    Ordering the Russian Filter Upgrade

    Russian Filter Upgrade for Waldorf Pulse – Ready bulit kit for self-installation
    Price: 195,- Euro net / 234,- Euro gross

    Russian Filter Upgrade for Waldorf Pulse – Installation by Virtual Music
    Price: 275.- Euro net / 330,- Euro gross

    Status: The Russian Filter Upgrade for the Pulse is available in small quantities.

    For ordering please send us an e-mail with your name, your address and your VAT number (In EU, if applicable) to Open contact page (no Javascript). If you request an installation by Virtual Music, please state that in your e-mail – we will guide you through the process. Thank you!

  • Survival Kit for Waldorf Pulse / Pulse Plus

    Complete set of buttons and potentiometers

    Original spare parts for the Pulse 1 and Pulse Plus for self-installation. The instrument must be opened and soldered to replace the worn out controls and sluggish buttons. Caution: Only suitable for experienced technicians, as the spare parts are provided without instructions. Direct intervention in the electronics is necessary.

    600 Waldorf Pulse Survival Kit

    Survival Kit for Waldorf Pulse

    Price: 35.- Euro net / 42,- Euro gross

    Status: The Survival Kit is currently available.

    For ordering please send us an e-mail with your name, your address and your VAT number (In EU, if applicable) to Open contact page (no Javascript).

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